2019-01-29 - 2019-03-10

Rencontres musicales au Château

Programme : Festival Arts'ifices Château de la Hulpedu 27 février au 10 mars 2019Mercredi, 27 février 201920:00Concert d'ouverture [...]

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Soyons éco-responsables dans le domaine

Charte d'éco-responsabilitéLe Domaine régional Solvay est un site classé Patrimoine exceptionnel de Wallonie. En grande partie [...]

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Message à l'attention des mouvements de jeunesse

Le mois de septembre est traditionnellement le moment des journées "Passages". Beaucoup d'entre vous choisissent d'organiser cette [...]

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175 ans du Château de La Hulpe : Lancement de la Ligne du temps

A l'occasion des 175 ans du château, nous vous invitons à découvrir l'histoire de celui-ci et du domaine grâce à une ligne du [...]

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Police Regulations -
Conseil communal de la Hulpe dated 27/12/1999

Art. 1. Opening times The Estate is open to the public every day from 8am to 9pm from 01/04 to 30/09 (Summer opening), and from 8am to 6pm from 01/10 to 31/03 (Winter opening).
The Estate may be closed on certain days if the Management Board so decides.

Art. 2. Traffic - Access for drivers (motor and horse-drawn vehicles) is prohibited, unless in possession of a permit. In this case, the speed limit is 30km/h.
- Groups of cyclists are forbidden; individual cyclists and families are only permitted to use the existing paths and roads. They are forbidden from using the trails and lawns.
- Access to the terraces of the Château, to the houses/gardens and closed-off meadows is forbidden, as are swimming, rowing and skating on the ponds and lakes.
- Peddling/itinerant trading is forbidden.

Art. 3. Pets Dogs and other pets must be kept on a lead, in accordance with the Décret de la Région wallonne dated 16/12/1995.

Art. 4. Nature Any act prejudicial to the integrity of the Estate is forbidden, in particular:
- Picking wild or cultivated flowers, or branches.
- Damage to lawns, borders, embankments, flower beds, trees and undergrowth.
- Collection or removal of dead wood or other materials.
- Shaking the trees or shrubs, climbing them or making notches.
- Damage or destruction of signage, benches, fences and other furnishings.
- Dropping litter on site, not using the bins provided (without prejudice to the municipal regulation on refuse disposal dated 19/12/1983).

Art. 5. Animals - Fishing and hunting are private. - Any act prejudicial to animal welfare is forbidden, in particular:

Taking birds, disturbing or destroying nests.
Disturbing the animals by making sudden noises, chasing or throwing projectiles etc.

Art. 6: Safety - Children must be accompanied by an adult. It is forbidden to leave them or for them to be unsupervised.
- It is forbidden to disturb the public peace, use music players or make other noise pollution (without prejudice to the municipal regulation dated 18/07/1979) and to commit any acts of indecency.
- Camping and lighting of fires of any sort whatsoever are forbidden.
- Picnics are prohibited on the lawns around the Château and on the greens in front and behind. We recommend you use the Pré des Pettes for your picnic. Any violation of these rules will be punishable by police penalty.

Vehicles on the Estate are subject to the Police road traffic regulations in accordance with the Royal Decree dated 01/12/1975.